Health Check ! 1 hour on site.
Is your computer running how it should be ? Is it meant to be making that noise ? Should I really have to do this everytime I enter a disk ? We can attend on-site and inspect your machine, we will advise on any issues that we find and advise on any specific concerns you may have. Just 50* Obviously if we find any problems we will be happy to carry out any necessary work.

2 Hours Question Time - go on make a list !
There isn't really anything wrong with my computer but.... Should it do this ? how do I stop that ? is there supposed to be a green haze over the monitor ? Make a list of all the questions you've always wanted to ask but were afraid to, book a call and we will attempt to answer every question one by one. Just 80*

Computer Holiday !
Summers coming and even computers could do with a break, if you know that your computer has become sluggish, perhaps over-full with downloads and little used programs, book it a holiday. Perhaps while your away your computer could be re-formatted, re-installed, upgraded or re-vamped, ready for when you return.

* Price applies in areas A B and C. (click here for map)