Web site for just 200 !
Simple 'web presence' web sites forget those that will charge you thousands, a simple web site can be yours for around 200*, you supply the words, the pictures and any ideas you might have and leave it to us, your web-site can be 'up' (a technical term) within a week.

Posh e-mails for around 50 !
Ever been jealous of the e-mails you receive that have a posh logo on the bottom of each page ?

Some companies try and charge hundreds of pound to set this up on your system, let me have your logo and any text required and I will create you a posh mail footer and send you instructions on how to set it up in your organisation.

And did you know, it makes hardly any difference to the size of the e-mail, the images are either created from graphical typefaces already on your computer or downloaded from your web site . (No web site ? CrucialPC can host your image for just 20 per year.  Click here to receive a return e-mail with Posh e-mail footer.

You can even have an advertisement in the footer of every e-mail you send and by clicking on the logo your clients can be taken directly to your web site.

* excludes purchase of a domain and web space.