Disaster recovery

Although this usually effects business users, this is just as important to home users, what would you do if your computer failed. accounting software, customer records, family photos - all gone ?

It is not impossible to get data back from failed hard drives or memory cards, or the case of deleted files even if they have been deleted from the delete bin, they can often still be retrieved.

Contact us here at Crucial-PC we will advise on the next steps and possibilities.

Important advice:

If you think you may have deleted or lost some precious data - STOP USING THE COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY. The longer the computer is on after the problem occurs the less the chance of successful recovery.

In severe cases or where data is particularly valuable, we recommend you click on this link , however remember this is for sever or high value data only, we can deal with general jobs locally.

Before you become a victim... click on the disaster planning button !!!!